Ten years later—What Tableau Public means to our community and the world

"Tableau Public launched in 2010 with the purpose of making data social and to ignite a new movement on the web. It was a bold new effort to offer a free online product that anyone could use to drive compelling conversations around data—making data online fun, useful, and beautiful. Ten years later, Tableau Public's 1.5+ million authors are continuing that revolution of democratizing data and changing the way people see and understand data globally, one gorgeous visualization at a time.

With over 3.7 million vizzes, Tableau Public features the most extensive gallery of data visualizations on the web. It has been incredible to experience this platform's growth over the past decade, seeing our Tableau Community come together in the name of data visualizations and innovation year after year. These data rockstars are truly an extraordinary group of people and personalities.

So, in celebration of this ten-year milestone, we’ve asked a few Tableau Public Ambassadors to help us take a trip down memory lane by reflecting on their own experiences, the role Tableau Public has played, and advice for newcomers:"

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