DataFam Roundup: August 23 - 27, 2021

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DataFam content 

Tableau Fantasy Football Draft viz

Will Jones, Interworks: 2021 Tableau Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Dive into content created by the Tableau Community: 

Upcoming events and community participation

  • Tableau Buddy is a firsthand beginner's den for those who are really serious about making a career in Data visualization specifically using Tableau. Connect with Tableau APJ Speaker Bureau Member Prasann Prem and book a session
  • September 17th, 10 AM CT – 11.00 AM CT: Join the third session of the Cup of Data series to expand on your Tableau CRM skills. The product team will demo their latest and greatest in a 'Release Jam'. Register for the event.
  • Come Join Team #SportsVizSunday! If you are someone that loves sports, loves data, and loves the chance to selflessly showcase others then we invite you to put your name forward! Learn more


Emily Gilmore: A (not so) Chatty Squirrel Census

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Check out some inspirational vizzes created by the community:

Community Projects

Tableau Community Projects


Makeover Monday

Join the community every Monday to work with a given data set and create better, more effective visualizations.
Web: Makeover Monday
Twitter: #MakeoverMonday
Week 34: “Entry-level” jobs on LinkedIn require 3+ years of experience

Workout Wednesday

Build your skills with a weekly challenge to re-create an interactive data visualization. 
Web: Workout Wednesday
Twitter: #WOW2021
Week 34:  How Many Consecutive Starts?

Sports Viz Sunday

Create and share data visualizations using rich, sports-themed data sets in a monthly challenge. 
Web: Sports Viz Sunday
Twitter: #SportsVizSunday
August 2021: UFC

Iron Quest

Practice data sourcing, preparation, and visualization skills in a themed monthly challenge. 
Web: Iron Quest
Twitter: #IronQuest
August 2021: Travel & Vacations

Storytelling with Data

Practice data visualization and storytelling skills by participating in monthly challenges and exercises. 
Web: Storytelling with Data
Twitter: #SWDChallenge
August 2021: dashboard stories

Project Health Viz

Uncover new stories by visualizing healthcare data sets provided each month. 
Web: Project Health Viz
Twitter: #ProjectHealthViz

SDG Viz Project

Visualize data about Sustainable Development Goals provided by the World Health Organization. 
Web: SDG Viz Project
Twitter: #TheSDGVizProject
Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals 

Preppin' Data

A weekly challenge to help you learn to prepare data and use Tableau Prep. 
Web: Preppin’ Data
Twitter: #PreppinData
Week 33: Excelling at adding one more row

Real World Fake Data

Create business dashboards using provided data sets for various industries and departments.
Web: Real World Fake Data
Twitter: #RWFD
Dataset #12: Hospitality

Viz 2 Educate

Each month, create vizzes on global education syllabus topics as resources for teachers worldwide.
Web: Viz 2 Educate
Twitter: #Viz2educate
Topic: Microbiology

Diversity in Data

An initiative centered around diversity, equity & awareness by visualizing provided datasets each month. 
Web: Diversity in Data
Twitter: #DiversityinData
August 2021: Refugee Data

Viz for Social Good

Volunteer to design data visualizations that help nonprofits harness the power of data for social change.
Web: Viz for Social Good
Twitter: #VizforSocialGood

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