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Grow your very own data community with help from the latest stories, advice, and resources.

Tableau Conference Session

Learn from experienced customers driving their data community efforts

Hear how three community managers are empowering a culture of learning, sharing, and collaboration within their organizations—one user group, one training, one Tableau user at a time.

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Tableau Blueprint

Follow prescriptive guidance to build your community

Building an enterprise-wide data community comes down to success in three areas: communications, engagement, and support. Learn more about the Community workstream in Tableau Blueprint, our methodology for creating a successful, data-driven organization.

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Popular programs inspired by the Tableau Community


Data Champions

Invest in your organization's most passionate champions. In return, you’ll have an extended network of Tableau enthusiasts with the skills necessary to support users and accelerate adoption.

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Internal User Groups

Bring data people from across your organization together with regular user group meetings where they'll learn from one another, exchange fresh perspectives, and celebrate successes.

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Viz Games

Challenge your users to a data visualization competition. The excitement and camaraderie that follows will convince even skeptics that working with data is fun.

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Data Doctor

Connect your organization’s data experts with their colleagues for live, peer-to-peer support. Along the way, you'll identify departmental or organizational knowledge gaps.

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I lean on the strength and energy of the global Tableau Community to help me build an incredible data playground within JLL.

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