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Joining a Tableau User Group provides you with the opportunity to connect with other data rockstars in person or online. You'll be welcomed into a community that fosters growth and powerful connection. Not only can you find inspiration from your peers across geographies and industries and advance your analytics skills, you’ll also have a passionate community in your corner along the way.

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Looking for a user group in your city or within your industry? There are Tableau User Groups worldwide that meet both in-person and online. From healthcare to higher education, London to Singapore, use the map below to find a user group for you.



Find out what is happening at Tableau User Group events around the world.

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Upcoming Tableau User Group events

Date Event Location & time
Jan 22
User group event

January 2022 Phoenix Tableau User Group - Tableau Foundations Workshop (Virtual)

Jan 24
User group event

Iron Viz 2022 Qualifier Event - Asia Pacific & Europe Session

Jan 24
User group event

Iron Viz 2022 Qualifier Event - Americas & Europe Session

Jan 24
User group event

KC TUG January 2022 Meetup

Jan 24
User group event

Veterans Advocacy TUG - January 2022  Analytics Interview Workshop

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So much of where I am now in my career is because of the encouragement from others in the community.

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Connect with a Tableau User Group Ambassador

Tableau User Group Ambassadors go above and beyond to support their local Tableau communities and mentor other User Group Leaders. These data rockstars are dedicated to leading communities and helping people succeed.

Current Tableau User Group Leader resources

Whether you’re a new or long-time User Group Leader, make sure to stay up to date with available resources, best practices, and fun tips that will help support your user group.

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Bring together your organization’s Tableau users with regular opportunities to inspire, learn, and collaborate. Discover best practices and examples from our most successful customers to help you see how it’s done.