Tableau developer tools

Extend Tableau with developer tools and APIs to meet your organisation’s needs.

Automation / Integration, Workflow


Subscribe to events in Tableau, then capture them in your app or trigger custom workflows.

Automation / Integration

Document API

Programmatically modify Tableau files.

Automation / Integration

Metadata API

Query and discover metadata about Tableau content and external assets.

Automation / Integration


Programmatic access to work with your content, users, sites and more.

Embedded Analytics

Embedding JavaScript API

Use the Tableau Embedding API to integrate Tableau visualisations into your own web applications.

Automation / Integration, Data Connectivity

Hyper API

Automate your interactions with Tableau extract (.hyper) files. You can use the API to create new extract files, or to open existing files, and then insert, update, delete or read data from those files.

Advanced Analytics

R integration

Import R packages, libraries or any of your saved data models into Tableau.


Dashboard Extensions API

With our Dashboard Extensions API, developers can create dashboard extensions that enable customers to integrate and interact with functionality or data from other applications directly in Tableau.