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Live Virtual Training Classes

Learn Tableau from anywhere with Live Virtual Training. Virtual classes mirror in-person classes, keeping an interactive and collaborative learning environment. Login to WebEx to get the training you need without having to leave the office.

All Tableau classes are Guaranteed to Run. We never cancel or reschedule on you, so you can enroll with confidence. 
All courses tagged "TRAINING PASS" are available individually and as part of  Tableau Training Pass.
The course schedule below includes all of our global events, please confirm the class is in an appropriate timezone for you before registering.

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About Live Virtual Classes

Our Live Virtual Training classes contain the same great content as our In-Person classes and are delivered by our top instructors in an interactive environment. Students are able to directly interact with the instructor, ask questions, and do hands-on practices in order to solidify and validate their learning. Our virtual classes make it easy to fit training into your schedule at a time that's right for you

Can I interact with the instructor? Yes! Just like in-person classes, students are encouraged to participate by asking and answering questions. Instructors will reach out with questions and polls to test knowledge, check for learning, and keep students engaged.

Who should take Live Virtual training? Expert trainers developed the virtual classroom experience to meet the needs of all Tableau customers. Interactive Live Virtual classes are designed for convenience and effectiveness. For those who can't afford to be away from the office due to cost, location or time constraints, Live Virtual training is an excellent option.

I need to train my team, but they sit in offices across the world. We offer live virtual onsite training to accommodate globally-dispersed teams. Learn more about onsite training.