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Powerful Analytics & Modeling Tools for Providers & Payers: Use Cases and Demos to Enable Operational Strategy

Financial planning and risk management are critical functions within payer and provider organizations. This capability is core to organization strategy and it has transformed in approach, accuracy, and agility with the advent of new access to population and patient-level data as well as powerful analytical tools.

Join us as we discuss how analytics and lead scoring help payer organizations predict and plan. We will show a demo that determines which leads are most likely to convert using machine learning models created in Einstein Discovery. We will step through how we integrate these statistical models into an actionable Tableau dashboard.

We will also discuss how analytics tools help provider organizations in their accounts receivable management. We will use Einstein Discovery prediction models to predict the likelihood a patient will pay on time and explore actionable recommendations to improve outcomes.

About the speakers

Ryan Milliron

Lead Solution Engineer - Tableau

Takashi Binns

Sales Consultant, Healthcare at Tableau

With 10 years of experience in the business intelligence space, Takashi has developed customer solutions using a variety of software packages and toolsets. He spent his first 4 years as a solution consultant, where his focus was on custom solution implementations. The last 6 years has been helping customers understand how to use different software packages, and decide which ones to use for certain projects. These roles had a particular focus on custom development, integrations, security, and software architecture. Takashi received his Master of Science in Software Engineering from Villanova University.

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