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Welcome to Tableau's Financial Services and Insurance Vault!

The Vault is a learning series specifically dedicated to the analytics needs of our Financial Services and Insurance Community. Whether you're a current customer, analyst, business unit or new to Tableau, we have a number of virtual sessions that will help you throughout your analytics journey.

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October 2021
Time Session Title  
Oct. 6, 2021
4:30-5:30pm EST
Battle of the Banks

Our 2nd annual Battle of the Banks competition is back!  With ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) being at the forefront for businesses, our ultimate viz games will be focused on the “E” in ESG.

It's mission critical. Increased stakeholder attention to corporate environmental impacts and investors realizing that strong ESG performance CAN safeguard a company’s success ━ all leads to an increased need to see and understand data.

Join industry experts, your fellow trailblazers, and musical guest Michael Franti for an hour of learning, music and friendly competition. Three finalists will present their vizzes live and only one will be crowned champion. 

Oct. 13, 2021
1:00-2:00pm EST
Einstein Discovery for Tableau Hands On Workshop

Join Tableau and get down to vizzness with Einstein Discovery. During this session, we invite Tableau Rockstars who are ready to take their data to the next level with Machine Learning! This Einstein Discovery for Tableau (EDT) Hands On Workshops is your chance to focus on learning with hand on exercises to build out your first Tableau Dashboards with Predictions.

Please note you will need these prerequisites, which you can download here.
- Tableau CRM Trial Request
- Tableau Desktop 2021.1 or beyond
- Downloads Dataset, Tableau Dashboard

Oct. 20, 2021
12:00-1:00pm EST
Transforming Your Business Through a Data Driven Approach

Prior to the pandemic, many banks in Canada had already described digital transformation as a key focus area for the next 5 years. Of the many ways COVID-19 changed our reality, one of those was a vast acceleration towards a new operating model in banking. One where advanced analytics, bank-wide digitization initiatives, and availability of customer-facing analytics are critical differentiators.

The ability to view internal and external analytics in one platform across the entire organization creates huge opportunities for those banks willing to be transformational leaders.

Join us for an engaging conversation that will highlight some of the trends that are shaping the Canadian banking industry and showcase how banking leaders can leverage Tableau to position themselves for success in the post pandemic era.

November 2021
Time Session Title  
Nov. 9-11, 2021
Tableau Conference

Tableau Conference is a global, interactive event that unites the world's largest data community. Learn from analytics peers and product experts. Have fun connecting with your #DataFam. And get inspired to do great things. Let's All Data. Because data's for everyone, and we do data best when we do it together.

Banking & Payments
Beginner 2-Part Series: Banking Demo & Topic, Plus Hands On Training (Part 1)
Beginner 2-Part Series: Banking Demo & Topic, Plus Hands On Training (Part 2)
Transformation Trends in Banking - Leveraging Analytics to Thrive in the Post Pandemic Era
Financial Services - Consumer Complaints: Intro to Tableau Workshop
Mitigating Fraud Risk & Optimizing Opportunity in PPP Round 2
Return to Work Financial Services Webinar
Tableau CRM for Financial Services Cloud
Introduction to Tableau Desktop: Part 1 - Stock Market Data
Introduction to Tableau Desktop: Part 2 - Stock Market Data Plus 10 Min. Server Demo
Introduction to Tableau Desktop: Part 1 - Bank Loans
Introduction to Tableau Desktop: Part 2 - Bank Loans Plus 10 Min. Server Demo
COVID-19 Analytics for FinServ
Salesforce Tableau Analytics for Cumulus Bank
Tableau for Financial Services and Insurance
Embedded Analytics for External Customers with Lovelytics
Supercharge Tableau with Predictive Dashboarding Using Tableau CRM Discovery - Machine Learning Models a Tableau Analyst Can Build and Deploy
Tableau CRM for Commercial Banking
Enable Credit Risk Analysis for Financial Institutions
Visualizing a Crisis with Tableau at Bank of America
CFO Boardroom Discussion: Creating operational efficiencies, mitigating risk, and driving growth through a pandemic with Tableau, CFO, Damon Fletcher
Tableau CRM for Mortgage and Lending
Tableau CRM's Latest OOTB PreBuilt Template: Revenue Operations
Customer Stories
That One Thing - Financial Services

Financial institutions are turning to data to drive business resilience. Learn how Vanguard Charitable, KeyBank, and Bank Mandiri are harnessing analytics and leading with speed and insights to support communities in times of crisis.

Guiding Targeted Philanthropy at Vanguard Charitable Using Data

Vanguard Charitable optimizes strategic grant making, cuts manual reporting by 50% with Tableau

Level Up
Data Viz Art Showcase: Presenting The Winners of the Annual CIBC, Deloitte, and Tableau Challenge
Vizzing Financial Data
Using Tableau's Data Management Capability for Analytics Governance
How NOT to Excel with Tableau
Tableau on Tableau for HR
Team USA at the Tokyo Games: Creating a Viz at Record Speed
AI/ML & Data Science For Analytics
Externalizing Analytics to Your Customers (in Portals or With Salesforce Communities)
Customer Success Brain Date: Expanding Your Skill Belt To Be A Tableau Master
How to Drive Results with Customer Facing Analytics sponsored by Lovelytics
Private Equity: Data Transformation for CFOs: Intelligent Automation on Core PE Processes - USEReady
Zen Master Session: Zero to Zen
Tableau for Smarties (Tableau for Dummies)
USEReady Pixel Perfect
Set Actions, Dynamic Parameters and Beyond
Design Secrets for non Designers, Lovelytics
Introduction to Tableau Prep (Creator) Plus 5 Minute Prep Conductor Demo
USEReady Tableau Prep Builder
Data Management
Embedded Analytics for Internal Customers with Lovelytics
Embedded Analytics for External Customers with Lovelytics
Using NLG to Navigate the New Normal with Wordsmith
Supercharge Tableau with Predictive Dashboarding Using Tableau CRM Discovery: Machine Learning Models a Tableau Analyst Can Build and Deploy
Embedded Analytics
Extending Tableau's Advanced Analytic Capabilities via the Analytics Extension API
On Cloud 9: Tableau + AWS
Build Better Tableau Dashboards, Faster
Data Management
Augmented Analytics with Tableau - Ask Data & Explain Data
Embedded Analytics