How data-driven storytelling helps your marketing stand out

We already know that marketers can make better decisions, act with confidence, and demonstrate their impact when they are data-driven. But data can play yet another role in marketing departments: developing content.

With an estimated 3 million blog posts published each day, content teams need ideas that will help them stand out. Data can help your organization tell stories that no one else can. Using your company’s own data, you can generate truly unique, audience-ready insights. Or you can combine public data sets with your organization’s distinctive voice and values. The result? Original content that attracts eyeballs and starts a conversation with your audience— all while remaining authentic to your brand.

Content teams from organizations around the world are using Tableau Public to publish and share their data stories. To inspire your next great data story, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite examples of Tableau Public vizzes used for content marketing.

Put your company data to work

Believe it or not, you already have a wealth of unique data just waiting to be shared! Partner across your organization to uncover data sets, then determine what stories would be interesting and valuable for your audience.

Get more mileage out of your customer data

Spotify is a master of reusing their customer data, regularly transforming their listening habits and behaviors into powerful, timely stories. In their coverage of Pride, Spotify’s data scientists analyzed over half a million playlists labeled “Pride” or “LGBTQ.” They used their findings to show which artists were most popular in each U.S. state.

Show off your survey data

Visualizing survey data can help your organization get the bigger picture— why not share that picture with your audience? It will come as no surprise that we love incorporating data into our content marketing at Tableau. Here’s an example of how we transformed survey data into a story our audience loved. Each year, we announce the business intelligence trends we believe will gain momentum in the industry. We also surveyed our community, asking them to vote on the relevancy of each trend and to select the eleventh trend. We visualized the results of this survey in our report.

Build stories around external data

You’ve discussed using proprietary data in your latest content brainstorm. Still coming up short? Luckily, there’s plenty of publicly-available data out there— use it to tell compelling stories that reflect back on your organization. Position yourself as an industry thought leader, by visualizing leading trends or poignant topics in your industry. There’s plenty of publically available data that you can leverage for these projects!

Help your audience answer questions

The right data in the right context can help your audience answer their most pressing questions. Consider this example from U.S. real estate brokerage Redfin. In recent years, people all over the U.S. have become increasingly worried about losing their homes to wildfires. To answer questions about their risk, Redfin visualized public data about wildfires. Published as part of a larger blog post, the interactive viz let anyone learn about their county’s risk.

Looking for more examples of data storytelling done right? Check out our Data Visualizations for Content Marketing gallery to see how marketers are using Tableau Public to create and share original content.

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