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The improved Customer 360 for Corporate Banking advisors

Tableau and Salesforce are better together for corporate banking relationship managers: having both platforms in one place allows the RM to enhance their intelligence on their customers to include product performance and benchmarks, incorporating data from core banking systems and external feeds alike. This allows the RM to proactively go to their customers with more context and breadth around their recommendations.

This is part of the solutions for today’s state of the world webinar series.

About the speakers


Rashmi Toshniwal

Principal Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Rashmi is a Principal Solution Engineer at Salesforce India. Rashmi has spent over 15 years working with banks across Asia helping them embrace analytics for subjects stretching from performance measurement, risk management to regulatory compliance. She has keen interest in how banks have created expansive repositories of data over time and how much of that has really translated into actionable insight. In her current role at Salesforce, Rashmi works with prominent banks in India advising them on their digital transformation journeys. Outside of work, she is passionate about fitness and health/ nutrition. She also spends time sketching and traveling.


Prashant Dutta

Principal Solution Engineer, Tableau

Prashant (more commonly known as PD) is a Principal Solution Engineer at Tableau working across the largest customers in India as a subject matter expert in Business Intelligence particularly in BFSI. He has 15+ years experience at Software OEMs as well as in BFSI at places such as SAS and ICICI Bank in customer consulting and risk analytics. He is a true data evangelist and has spent countless hours teaching and guiding professionals across India in how to leverage the data available to them in order to elevate their understanding.

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