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Tableau Ambassadors

Community Leaders who create opportunities for connection, growth, and inspiration

The community is built on a bedrock of sharing, inspiring, and educating. Being a part of the community is a pleasure, and representing it is an honor.


Tableau Ambassadors embody the spirit of the community

Tableau Ambassadors teach and share while fostering a positive and supportive space within the community. They give credit where credit is due, and prioritize inclusivity in everything they do. They shine the spotlight on new voices, innovative ideas, and make the communities around them better. Tableau Ambassadors serve in one of six branches: Forums, User Groups, Academic, DataDev, Public, Social.

What it takes to be a Tableau Ambassador


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Tableau Ambassadors are community leaders and evangelists

Discover the critical role each branch plays in the larger community and the responsibilities involved.


Community Forum Ambassadors

Tableau Forum Ambassadors are the stewards of the forums, helping maintain a healthy and engaged community forum by assisting users with quality responses, flagging inappropriate content for moderation or removal, and approving new users’ content.



Social Media Ambassadors

Social Ambassadors are inclusive leaders who go above and beyond to drive thought-provoking conversations about data, champion others, welcome people to the community, and amplify key messages across all social channels.

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User Group Leader Ambassadors

User Group Leader Ambassadors are dedicated to helping communities and community members thrive by leading their local or virtual user group. They share best practices and provide mentorship to new leaders.

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Tableau Public Ambassadors

Tableau Public Ambassadors showcase the power of Tableau with the incredible visualizations they share with the community. They welcome newcomers to the Tableau Public platform by creating a healthy space for feedback, appreciation, and connection.



Tableau Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are Tableau champions in higher education, empowering and inspiring others to develop or build their data skills. These academic leaders facilitate opportunities for growth by providing training and engagement opportunities.



DataDev Ambassadors

DataDevs are community-driven and passionate about leveraging Tableau's APIs to extend, embed, or customize Tableau. They are curious, innovative, and love to build— always tinkering with new tools and applying them to fresh ideas.

Tableau CRM Ambassadors

Tableau CRM Ambassadors are power users of the native analytics and AI solution for Salesforce. They love to share their expertise in this specialized platform, and provide a bridge between the Salesforce Trailblazer community and the Tableau community.