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Tableau Desktop 2021.2.5

We recommend using the newest maintenance release of this version, 2021.2.8, which contains additional fixes.

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The download file for this version has been removed due to the security issues currently identified in CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046. In order to address these security issues, you must update to the newest version of your desired Tableau product. For more information please see the Knowledge Article, Apache Log4j2 vulnerability (Log4shell)



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di, 30 november, 2021


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Resolved Issues

Probleem-ID Beschrijving

When creating a "custom value list" filter with more than ten values on the list and a live connection to Google BigQuery an error would occur.


If the user used a context filter and another filter displaying all the values within the context filter, by selecting one value in each filter it would reset the filter displaying all values to "all".


If a relationship and extract were applied in the same workbook and an ISO calculation was used it would result in an error: "Unable to complete action. Tableau cannot evaluate the query that results from this calculation. Error Code: F5328B32"


The workbook title would sometimes display incorrectly when using a set as a filter in version In 2020.4.0 or later.


The time to show the menu dialog box after right clicking a parameter would sometimes be longer than expected

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