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State and Local Government Analytics

Data has the ability to unlock insights, drive successful policy efforts and transform citizen services and engagement. COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation in government, with citizens expecting greater transparency, accountability and outcomes.

Government is seeing the massive increases in uses and opportunities for data. State and local governments are partnering with Tableau to get a complete, connected picture of all of their data, deploy with scalability and flexibility, empower employees to uncover solutions, and provide better outcomes for citizens through transparency and accountability.

Visualizing the Impact of Public Data

Explore this dashboard to see how state agencies and local organizations share accurate and open data with the public and the civilians they serve by leveraging Tableau to increase transparency and empower citizen action.

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Modern Vaccine Management: What Leaders Need to Know

Data analytics will play a central role helping us understand the efficacy of our efforts towards achieving herd immunity. Read about how state and local governments are shaping modern vaccine management, addressing vaccine challenges and improving citizen engagement.

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Putting Data to Work for the Public Sector

The appetite for data has tremendously increased and data insights are becoming the norm. The ability to make strategic decisions backed by data has never been more important. Learn how Tableau empowers public sector employees and management to see and understand mission-critical data when it is needed most.

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New York City - A Data-Driven Response to COVID-19

Hear how the New York City Mayor’s Office and partner agencies created dashboards to manage the City's response operations and provide crucial information to the public.

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Citizens & Government: Strengthening the Relationship with Data

As digital citizen services have become the new imperative for government, data is the key to improving the way government organizations operate and deliver for their citizens, especially in times of crisis. Read how nine federal, state and local organizations are improving operational efficiency, enabling citizen awareness and preparedness, and improving engagement. It all starts with data.

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Typically when a concerned citizen asks a question, they just want an answer. Policymakers not only want an answer, they want to see the data to verify it. With Tableau, we now save about half an hour to an hour for each question.