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Blueprint Workshop

Build a robust analytics strategy

Chart your course to becoming a data-driven organization with help from Tableau's experts. Together we will design a customized strategy that will guide your organization's approach through the development, deployment, and management of an enterprise-wide analytics platform.

Develop a strategy

A skilled Tableau expert will guide you through each step of the Blueprint and help you build an actionable, executable plan.

Learn proven practices

You’ll receive hands-on coaching around proven common practices derived through our experience supporting the analytics transformation of thousands of customers.

Leverage Tableau Blueprint

Unlock the full value of Tableau's Blueprint - our-step-by-step guide to successfully building a data culture across your organization.

Engagement Goals

The Blueprint Workshop will focus on a series of guided discussions designed to bring stakeholders together from across your organization to develop, align and commit to an analytics strategy. This strategy will substantially accelerate your journey to become a truly data-driven enterprise and help ensure you are realizing maximize value from your investment in Tableau. Before we come on site, we’ll validate we have the required stakeholders, necessary information, and physical logistics in place to make valuable use of our time. After five days, we will deliver an executable plan to implement and support each component of Blueprint across your organization.

  • Confirm objectives and dependencies
  • Confirm necessary stakeholder participation
  • Requirements
  • Understand organizational focus areas
  • Access Blueprint assessment results or leverage previous Blueprint discussions
  • Development
  • Gather needed inputs through discussions and workshops
  • Define the current state, and next steps focus areas
  • Revisions
  • Build plan collaboratively utilizing feedback across organization
  • Final Delivery
  • Deliver actionable Blueprint Plan
  • Documentation
  • Final delivery and walkthrough
  • Duration
  • 1 Week (40 Hours)
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    What needs to be in place to ensure a successful engagement?

    The focus of this engagement is to create a plan for implementing Blueprint in your organization. A few dependencies need to be addressed before a consultant can assist you with your Blueprint Strategy:

    • A running production instance of Tableau Server (for accessing current state information)
    • Access to and participation from business users, stakeholders, analysts and data owners

    What items are included in the scope of this engagement?

    During the Blueprint Workshop, we will prioritize the Blueprint components most important to your organization based on the needs of your specific environment. The Blueprint Workshop is intended for medium size deployments (100's of licenses) where an overview of all areas of Blueprint and corresponding discussion can be completed in one week. The main output from the workshop will be a plan for implementing Blueprint- the execution of this plan is not part of this workshop.

    What if I need more than one week to complete a Blueprint Workshop?

    Depending on the size and complexity of the organization, it may not be possible to cover all the needs of the organization with just a one-week workshop. In this case, a custom scoped analytics strategy engagement should be pursued.