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Governance Workshop

Securely manage your data

Proper data governance is critical to building a successful data culture. Let Tableau show you the best ways to secure, protect, and effectively manage your data sources and content. Our experts will help you define and implement the right standards, processes, and policies to ensure your data and content are secure and easily shareable.

Ensure data security

Work with Tableau to design and implement an organization-wide governance model that will maintain the security and integrity of your data.

Learn proven practices

Our experts will provide hands-on coaching to help you effectively optimize and scale your governance structure and approach.

Share content with confidence

Tableau will help you get the right permissions and workflow structures in place to enable your people to easily discover and share insights with confidence.

Engagement Goals

The Governance Workshop will identify, define, and implement the necessary framework to govern a Tableau environment successfully. Our consultants will cover the key topics and best practices associated with both data source and content management. After this five-day engagement, you will have gained a deep understanding of the structure, approach, permissions, workflow requirements, best practices, and documentation needed to implement governance at scale across your organization.

  • Confirm objectives and dependencies
  • Confirm necessary stakeholder participation
  • Requirements
  • Understand organizational governance focus areas
  • Understand current state governance model
  • Development
  • Establish data governance activities
  • Establish content governance activities
  • Document governance structures
  • Revisions
  • Create a base governance model in Tableau Server
  • Create workflow models to define content flow
  • Final Delivery
  • Deliver an engagement summary for environment and configuration
  • Documentation
  • Final delivery and walkthrough
  • Duration
  • 1 Week (40 Hours)
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    What needs to be in place to ensure a successful engagement?

    The focus of this engagement is data and content governance within a Tableau environment. There are a few dependencies that need to be addressed before a consultant can assist you with your data:

    • A running production instance of Tableau Server that can be used for modeling proposed governance structures (can be done in UAT, development, or temporary test server if environment is not available)
    • Access and participation from business users, stakeholders, analysts, data owners, and anyone with direct compliance responsibilities

    What items are included in the scope of this engagement?

    The Governance Workshop is intended for medium sized Tableau deployments or organizations with departmental-level governance needs. Large enterprises will likely have more governance requirements and workflows than can be covered in the workshop. In these cases, a custom engagement will be required. Please contact your Account Manager if you have questions.