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Server Rapid Start

Optimize your Server Installation

A successful deployment of Server is a critical step in the development of the Tableau Platform. Work with our experts to ensure a successful and stable Tableau Server environment with a plan for monitoring the scalable growth of users, content, and interactivity.

Partner with an expert

A skilled Tableau expert will work directly with your team to create a correctly architected and configured Tableau Server environment.

Learn proven practices

You’ll receive hands-on coaching and insights to empower ongoing Server health monitoring, configuration and maintenance management.

End-to-end empowerment

Going beyond enabling your team to manage and support Server, we will assist you in establishing a clean publishing workflow for your analysts.

Engagement Goals

Before we come on site, we’ll work to assess your environment and validate your goals to ensure everything is in place for a successful installation. Then, over five days, we’ll work through your requirements, complete installation of Tableau Server, introduce best practices for governance and scalability, and document our work effort. In the end, you’ll have confidence in the stability of your Server environment and a plan for maintaining it as it grows.

  • Confirm objectives and dependencies
  • Assess environment
  • Determine logistics
  • Requirements
  • Outline requirements
  • Ensure access to needed stakeholders
  • Prioritize needs and work effort
  • Installation
  • Complete installation of and provide best practices for Tableau Server
  • Governance
  • Introduce common permissions and governance best practices
  • Address environment specific concerns
  • Final Delivery
  • Ensure optimized Tableau Server installation
  • Documentation
  • Final delivery and walkthrough
  • Duration
  • 1 Week (40 Hours)
  • Linux:
  • 2 Weeks (80 Hours)
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    What needs to be in place to ensure a successful engagement?

    The focus of this engagement is Server installation and configuration. There are several dependencies that need to be addressed before a consultant can assist with Tableau Server Installation:

    • Access to Tableau Server administrator, system owners, network team, plus stakeholders, analysts and data owners
    • An empty server instance (physical, VM, or cloud), to which administrator has full access via a domain account (AD or LDAP)
    • The above access and preparatory steps for server systems (processor, RAM, disk) as well as network and authentication steps have been completed prior to the engagement

    What items are included in the scope of this engagement?

    This engagement is intended for small to medium complexity installations and engagements across a variety of customer scenarios. Most Server Rapid Start engagements are intended for basic network topologies. Customers with complex (multi node or highly secure) environments or with Linux Server implementations should consider a custom engagement or a Linux Server Rapid Start package and a 6-8 day engagement to allow for more in depth implementation assistance and collaborations beyond the client application team. Complex engagements requiring embedded applications, web data connectors (WDC), scripting, and automation are inappropriate for this engagement, and a custom engagement should be considered.

    Can I purchase multiple Server Rapid Start packages?

    Yes, but the engagements may not always be available to be delivered back-to-back, and it is not guaranteed that the same consultant would be used for each. If you require the same consultant, please understand that there may be a scheduling delay or time gap between the onsite work effort (as individual consultant availability cannot be guaranteed).

    Can the engagement be delivered remotely?

    It is recommended that the engagement be done at your site to promote information sharing and collaboration. However, the engagement could be delivered remotely if that works better for your organization. To support remote delivery, a Tableau Consultant will need the following:

    • Ability to remotely log in to access data
    • Remote access setup and tested prior to the start of the engagement
    • If you would like to work via WebEx or other desktop sharing means, efficiency could be impacted (as WebEx is not ideal for collaborative development)
    • The ability of the consultant to make progress, or solicit feedback, is dependent on the availability of project stakeholders during the engagement timeframe