Whitepaper - Tableau Online Scalability: Overview and Proof Points

Part of our mission to help people see and understand data means ensuring our customers have confidence in the scalability and availability of our SaaS analytics platform, Tableau Online. When everyone in your company depends on data and analytics, you can’t afford to let them down. And we believe it’s important you understand how our hosted service leverages enterprise-grade cloud technology to scale as fluidly as your business grows.

This whitepaper describes Tableau Online’s high-level architecture and explains how the architecture scales to serve large sites with thousands of geographically distributed users. You will learn how one of Tableau’s largest internal sites is configured and performs at scale in Tableau Online.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Tableau Online's worldwide architecture and how it supports multiple, geographically distant pods
  • Pod configuration and how it's designed to handle thousands of customer sites and their users' interactive sessions within a multi-tenant (shared compute) environment
  • Security measures—including SOC 2 compliance, and how to get copies of the Tableau Online SOC 2 Type II audit and Tableau Online SOC 3 reports
  • High availability and backup processes that support mission-critical analytics programs across your Tableau Online sites
  • How Tableau's internal deployment of Tableau Online supports the core business activities of our Development team—including information on authentication, user, and group provisioning; monitoring and traffic statistics; and how Tableau Bridge supports connections to on-premises data sources in our enterprise environment

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