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With many schools shifting to online or hybrid, parents face the arduous task of figuring out how to support their child’s learning while keeping them entertained. We are here to help you spark excitement about data while tapping into kids' natural curiosity and encouraging exploration of their interests.

Starting a data journey with kids

Data is all around us. Kids can collect data on anything from their favorite toys to changes in the weather. To get your kids excited about data, try our latest Tableau Community-led activity below.

Coloring Activity

Set theory is at the heart of data storage and data analysis. Grab some coloring utensils and start learning about grouping items together by common characteristics. 

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Get Inspired

We’ve curated some of our favorite kid-friendly visualizations from our very own Tableau Public to get kids excited about data.

A Beginner's Guide to Pokemon

Equip your Pokémon master with all the information they need to assemble their team.

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More resources and fun from the Tableau Community

Kids Explain Data

We talked to kids about data, and their answers will surprise you – and maybe even make you think.

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